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Packers and Movers in India: 3 Things You Need to Know

A whole lot of people dread relocation, irrespective of whether they move into a shack or a palatial bungalow. It’s not just the cost that bothers them, the entire process of moving can get crazy and disturbing should you not hire professional Packers and Movers for the task.

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At, they often suggest the hiring of trusted Packers and Movers Hyderabad to handle the entire relocation process. While some prefer to do it all by themselves, professional moving services come with their own advantages since they know well on how to complete the shifting process with utmost satisfaction. They provide high quality services that treat you as an esteemed customer who might come back for them for repeat services as also refer them to their friends and family.

Hiring validated Packers and Movers Mumbai may also prove to be less expensive as opposed to doing it yourself. When you move yourself, you may not have a complete idea about the size of your move and may end up doing more than 2 trips and end up spending a higher amount. Professional moving companies complete the task efficiently saving your time and energy, thus giving you the savings to your pocket too. Here we give 3 important things you need to know about Packers and Movers in India;

1. Professional Movers and Packers are licensed and have GST certification: The most important aspect you may need to look for with Packers and Movers Bangalore in India is their business license that may be available in the following format;

a. Shops and Establishment Certificate

b. Partnership Company Certificate

c. Private Limited Company Certificate

d. GST Registration

You may find quite a few fly-by-wire moving companies that set up shop during the relocation season in India – March to July and vanish post this period showing zero responsibility to the jobs taken. You must be aware of such moving companies and only deal with Movers and Packers Mumbai who fulfill the above criteria.


2. Trained professionals to move heavy and fragile items: Packers and Movers in India have trained packers on their payroll who have many years of experience in handling heavy and fragile items. While safe transit of goods cannot be guaranteed, the damages and breakages are minimized or almost nonexistent. Do not take the risk of doing it yourselves and rely upon professionals to complete the process.

3. Official tie up for Insurance cover: While a move may be of short distance or long, there are all chances of breakages, damages or pilferage. While the first thing is to ensure they don’t happen by hiring professional Mover and Packers, you should be adequately covered for damages if any which is provided by the professional moving company. They are officially tied up with a General Insurance company for cover. You may consider buying full coverage insurance to receive more protection. This done by declaring the total value of goods that is left at your discretion.


When it comes to relocation, professional Packers and Movers are important. They provide moving services with high standards with an experienced team, which may also mean they have a reputation to uphold. To ensure your move is smooth, hassle free and on schedule, has done a thorough research to help you avoid dishonest Movers and Packers in India.

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